These Miss COED 2017 Reps Hail From Texas State University, University of Tennessee & More

For months, we’ve scoured the nation for the smartest, coolest, all-around most awesome college girls to find our future Miss COED 2017 contestants. Now, we’re finally unveiling the school reps and why they love their universities. Today, you’ll meet five girls from across the nation, each from different backgrounds, with different majors and aspirations. Today’s girls come to you from University of Oregon, University of Tennessee, and more. Get to know them below and check back every day to meet five new university representatives until voting starts October 12.

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Jessica Liebermann, University of Tennessee
Jessica Liebermann Photos
“I major in Psychology. After undergrad, I would like to go to graduate school to obtain a PhD. My end goal is to work in clinical psychology with children.”

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Chelsea Turri, Texas State University
Chelsea Turri Photos
“My ideal first date would be something unconventional. Like two-stepping or Six Flags. Something with a lot of action. But picking me up and bringing flowers is a MUST.”

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Savannah Day, Sierra College
Savannah Day Photos
“The coolest class I’ve taken so far is Human Sexuality, for sure! After taking that class I realized how messed up our sex ed is in high schools and middle schools around the U.S. We need more than just the “condom on the banana,” if you know what I mean!”

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Anna Diekemper, Western Illinois University
Anna Diekemper Photos
“My favorite late night study snack is definitely guacamole and chips, mozzarella string cheese, or cottage cheese. That’s the way to my heart.”

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