Has Michael Jackson’s Daughter Become Mrs. Pizza Delivery Guy?

Recent rumors have suggested that Michael Jackson‘s daughter, Paris Jackson, has suddenly married her boyfriend, Michael Snoddy… also known as the local pizza delivery guy. The two have only been dating for six months but things seem to be moving awfully fast. They recently moved into one of Michael Jackson’s Los Angeles mansions, the very same mansion where the late singer wrote “Billie Jean” and perfected the classic “moonwalk.” Let’s just hope he’s not moonwalking all over her heart.

Paris and Snoddy have even taken another major relationship step and adopted an adorable dog named Koa together. The marriage rumors were first sparked when Snoddy posted a pic on Instagram in which he appeared to have a gold band resting on his ring finger. The rumors have yet to be confirmed but Paris and Snoddy still appear to be very much in love, making a happy family with the help of Koa.

Unfortunately, there might be no free pizza for the new dog-parents. Paris’ potential hubby is a pizza delivery boy no longer. Snoddy recently quit his job at D’Amore’s Pizza. Luckily, the possible husband and wife duo don’t have to worry too much about funds, Paris currently receives $8 million a year from Michael Jackson’s estate and Snoddy still has his role as a member of a “psychedelic drum corp” to keep him occupied. Snoddy may not be collecting tips anymore but at least he has Paris.

[H/T Page Six]

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