Writer Brutally Harasses Emma Watson For Supporting Gender Equality, Proves He is a Sexist P.O.S.

We all laugh at celebrities at one point or another. They’re constantly in the public eye meaning their mistakes are often broadcasted for all to see. I’m all for poking harmless fun at celebrities, especially as an news and entertainment writer, but many media outlets take it way too far. There’s definitely a fine line between joking and completely disrespectful, but the Sun apparently doesn’t care.

Emma Watson has been a household name ever since her iconic role as Hermione in the Harry Potter series, blossoming from a talented child actor to a highly successful young woman. The end of the Harry Potter movies meant the start of a new career for Watson; she has an undergraduate degree from the elite Brown University and has been a Goodwill ambassador for the UN for two years.

Watson currently works for the HeForShe campaign to promote gender equality and women’s rights, giving educational speeches time and time again. She had performed a highly respectable amount of work and has proven herself to be an educated, driven woman. Basically, she’s a goddess.

A recent speech of hers in New York challenged universities around the nation to provide “equal respect, leadership and pay” as a way to “tell women that their brain power is valued.” She also encouraged them to emphasize the notion that the safety of women, as well as minorities and other oppressed groups, is “a right and not a privilege.” Like much of her other work, her speech was captivating and well-done.

But one writer at the Sun, perhaps a little slow on the uptake, published a photo expressing their surprise at the actress’ work as a Goodwill ambassador, despite her doing this for a long time. They then went on to attack Watson as an incredibly poor attempt for a joke:

The writer, Rod Liddle, completely demeans Watson’s speech and character as he questions her ability to have opinions. He makes some really lame Harry Potter references on “Hermione” not telling the UN “how to turn someone into a frog” before calling all of her work as “whining, leftie, PC crap.”

Liddle then questions why the public allows actresses, like Watson and Angelina Jolie, to express their opinions on serious matters. This implies that he believes all actresses are total airheads who are not capable of being intelligent, opinionated people. It’s also worth noting that he is very specifically targeting actresses, as in female actors, as in women. Ironically enough, he is living evidence that we clearly need all the help we can get in promoting gender equality.

The only thing Liddle really proved in his column is that he’s a misogynistic slob who has nothing better to write about. Watson is a highly qualified and educated woman who is at least trying to better the world she lives in. Liddle just can’t handle it. Although Watson hasn’t publicly commented on the Sun‘s column, we all secretly want this Hermione moment to make a return:

Emma Watson Hermione Granger



[H/T: E! News]

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