Is Kate Hudson Dropping an Album?

Could Kate Hudson be adding musician to her resume?

According to a recent interview with the Almost Famous and Deepwater Horizon actress, it’s looking that way. During Hudson’s visit to NBC’s The Tonight Show, she revealed plans to make an album, though she hasn’t yet worked out the details.

“I’d love to do a record,” she told Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. “I want to do it. I’m old enough now where it doesn’t really matter anymore. Music is my life and it’s my first love.”

We know making music has no age limit, but the actress and athleisure clothing designer does have a few other reservations about transitioning from big screen star to chart-topper—mostly when it comes to the type of music she’d produce.

“I’ve always been scared of making music, because I like authentic [songs],” Hudson said. “I like music that feels really honest. I love pop music! But I write music and it’s super depressing. I just kind of feel like it’d be like, ‘Oh, Kate’s gonna do—whoa! What is that?'”

During a commercial break, Hudson teamed up with Fallon and The Roots to perform En Vogue‘s “Hold On,” a small tribute to her love for the female-led R&B group and Fallon’s second ever concert experience.

“They were, like, my girls,” she said of the R&B group. “I was, like, obsessed with them!”

So what was Fallon’s first concert? Weird Al Yankovic, according to the late night personality. During her interview, Hudson playfully argued that Yankovic wasn’t “really a music concert.” (We agree, Kate!) But after a little quipping back and forth, the actress eventually relented to the idea that Yankovic could be considered a musical artist.

While Hudson may have yet to put out an album, her estranged father Bill Hudson is a singer, and she has two sons—one with Black Crowes’ Chris Robinson and another with Muse’s Matthew Bellamy. Hudson’s mother is also dancer-turned-actress Goldie Hawn, proving the actress has enough music-making know-how and artistry in her blood that we’re sure she’ll be successful no matter what musical path she chooses.

Watch part of Hudson’s interview and hear her deliver a sweet run from En Vogue’s “Hold On” below.

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