Happy October 3rd – ‘Mean Girls’ The Musical is Actually Happening

Ah, October 3rd. To most people, today probably doesn’t mean much. But we know better. October 3rd is the first day hottie Aaron Samuels talked to other “regulation hottie” Cady Heron during calc class. October 3rd is informally known as National Mean Girls Day, which is our favorite made-up holiday after National Coffee Day. And to celebrate, we’re dropping news that will make you go “Shut up!”: a musical production of Mean Girls is in the works RIGHT NOW.

The official Mean Girls Facebook and Twitter revealed this news today, stating that the musical will debut in Washington D.C. sometime in fall 2017. However, very few details about the upcoming show have been officially disclosed at the moment. It’s interesting to see that the show will be premiering in D.C. over New York City, which is the more traditional option for musicals.

We’re really hoping that the writer from the 2004 iconic film, Tina Fey, is directing this whole shabang. In fact, Fey has already been questioned about rumors of a Mean Girls musical long before this announcement. This past March, she revealed on a segment of Watch What Happens Live that the musical was in the works. Apparently, it’s a collaboration between Fey and her husband Jeff Richmond, who is a composer that has also worked on her shows Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and 30 Rock.

Fey explained that, at the time, the musical wasn’t done but that it closely followed the plot of the original movie. She also hinted that it would like feature more classic Broadway tunes than a pop feel for the music. While Fey answers all the questions, nothing’s been officially confirmed besides the presence of the musical itself. Her hair is full of secrets.



We’re surprised it actually took this long. Legally Blonde has had a musical for years now, and Mean Girls definitely rivals that movie in popularity and quotability. Our only request is that Rachel McAdams reprises her role as Regina George. Because honestly, who else can fill those shoes?

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