Storybook Cosmetics Is Delivering Makeup Fans An Extremely Fetch ‘Mean Girls’ Eyeshadow Palette

Mean Girls may have come out 12 years ago, but our love for all things grool will never die. No, we didn’t mean to say cool, but then said great, we meant grool because Mean Girls is forever.

We may have all grown up since we first met Glen Coco, but October 3 will always have a special place in our hearts. Thankfully, Storybook Cosmetics (the same company behind the highly anticipated Harry Potter makeup brushes) feels the same way and are planning on (potentially) releasing a Mean Girls eyeshadow palette.

Look familiar? Bonus points to Storybook for disguising the palette as a mini Burn Book!

While the palette is still in the early stages and hasn’t officially been confirmed, we’re already anxiously waiting for the day when we can use Glen Coco to create the perfect cut crease.

It could be a little while before you get your hands on the palette, but in the meantime that just means more practice. Check out these Mean Girls inspired makeup looks and tutorials while you anxiously await the latest from Storybook. Let’s just hope this palette comes out before fetch happens.

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