Taylor Swift Wants to Date Someone ‘Secretive’

Taylor Swift


Many of Taylor Swift‘s relationships have been high-profile, most recently with British actor Tom Hiddleston. RIP Hiddleswift, the best celebrity relationship name since Brangelina. But maybe the pop princess has learned her lesson–new reports are suggesting that she wants to keep things private in her next relationship.

“She is not avoiding dating nor is she actively looking for a boyfriend, but she definitely wants to make sure the next person she dates can be a little more secretive about the relationship and she is looking to do the same,” said a Hollywood Life insider.

This source also said that TSwift wants to take things slowly following her string of dating A-listers like Calvin Harris, Harry Styles, and Joe Jonas. Last month, there were rumors that Swift was eyeing Prince Harry, and in 2013 Swift allegedly asked friend Gwyneth Paltrow to set her up with the British royal. She’s not swearing off dating entirely, just wants it to be on the down low, which is no easy task, considering her millions of fans.

Amidst these reports, Swift’s lips are sealed, and she’s focusing on charity work in Louisiana. This news about wanting a low-profile relationship suggests that the singer has become wary of people who are more interested in fame than romance. Supposedly, one reason for her change in dating habits was that Hiddleston seemed to “drink the attention” that came with being her boyfriend.

h/t Inquisitr

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