A Guide to Simple Halloween Costumes That Aren’t Basic

If you’re anything like me (and I hope not, for your sake), you put off finding a Halloween costume until the last minute. And I truly mean, last minute. This usually leads to some boring, lazy AF costume…like a cat. And while spur of the moment costumes aren’t necessarily a bad thing, it can be annoying when you’re wearing the same costume as six other people in the room. You might be a procrastinator but you still want to stand out, right? Of course you do.

That’s not to say basic costumes are bad…only overdone. These ideas are easy to do, and don’t require buying a $60 dollar costume that you’ll never wear again. If you want to be more creative but aren’t sure how, here are some pro-tips from the Queen of Last-Minute Halloween on the do’s and don’ts of simple costumes:

Instead of a black cat, try a black widow

The LBD is honestly a life saver when it comes to Halloween costumes, but then again, everyone wears one. It’s become a staple for the cat costume – just throw on some black eyeliner and a pair of ears, and voila. But take things up a notch by going as a black widow instead.

All you need is some red tape or construction paper or cloth! Cut out an hourglass figure and secure it on your black dress right around your stomach…or your butt. You probably won’t have the time to DIY some extra arms, but look for some appropriate accessories. Black tights and red lipstick will definitely add to your overall look.

Try cartoon characters instead of Disney princesses

As much as we all love our Disney princesses, they’re a little overdone in terms of costumes. Partly because children also dress up as princesses, not just adults. But if you’re looking for an easy but distinct costume, cartoon characters are definitely a must. Because cartoons characters generally wear the same outfit, they generally are more recognizable than movie or TV characters. It’s easy to find cartoon characters who wear regular clothes, so pick your favorite and browse your closet.

We’d recommend going ’90s if you want a nostalgic reaction, but modern shows like Bob’s Burgers work too. Older cartoons are a nice change from everyone dressing up as modern media (…looking at you, Harley Quinn). If you really want to go sexy this time, please pick a cartoon character who is an adult. Who wants to see a sexified Rugrats costume? Literally nobody.

Be a fortune-teller instead of a witch

It may seem like there isn’t much of a difference, but how many witches do you see at a Halloween party? Probably a lot more than fortune-tellers. That’s what I thought.

Accessories are key here, so if you’re one for lots of jewelry and scarves, this may be the costume for you. A popular spin is to draw a Third Eye on the forehead with makeup, but a headdress will do wonders if you’re throwing something together at the last minute. Crystal ball and tarot cards highly recommended. Though for a funny spin, carry a snow globe and hand out fortune cookies.

Going as a couple? Be Morticia and Gomez Addams

Couple costumes, especially last minute ones, can tend towards the cliche or the cheesy. If you’ve never seen anything of the Addams Family movies, you are missing out on some serious #relationshipgoals. Not to mention how classy Gomez and Morticia can look while still giving off the perfect Halloween vibes. Morticia’s look is fairly simple but elegant – throw on a long black dress and seriously contour your face. Gomez’s striped suit is iconic in the most recent movie, but not necessary. A plain black suit will work just fine, so long as the mustache is prominent.

Honestly, the Addams family makes for a great group costume all around. Or if you’re dressing up with your BFF, Wednesday and Pugsley Addams are also easy costumes to make work.

If you absolutely MUST be a cat, try a different kind of cat

Cats aren’t necessarily a bad costume, but they’re used so often as the typical lazy costume, it’s just a little boring at this point. But, being a cat lover myself, I get wanting to dress up as one for Halloween. The basic black cat is just a little too basic, so we’d recommend doing something to spice up the costume. Something that says “No, I didn’t put in the least amount of effort possible” even if that’s exactly what you did.

Try incorporating some leopard print onto your black ensemble. Or go as a lion or tiger or panther (oh my!) instead of a domesticated house cat, especially if you generally prefer tan or brown clothes over the color black. Even just doing more make-up than eyeliner whiskers can help amp up your cat costume! You can still look amazing but stand out from everyone else.

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