6 Signs You’re the ‘Mom Friend’ of Your Squad

One of the best things about having a squad is all the different personalities hanging out together. If your friend group consisted of the same kind of person who acted the same way, life would be soooo boring. Having your unique mix of characteristics and behaviors is what makes your friends special from others.

That being said, we all fall into roles among our groups. There are the wild, spunky friends who make a party out of anything, for example; they can always be counted on to liven up the room. There are also the more introverted ones who are still fun but in a quieter way. And there’s the mom friend who takes care of them all. Every friend group has one. And everyone loves and appreciates the mom friend.

Here’s how to know if you’re the mom friend of your squad:

1. You’re constantly motivating your girls


Your own responsibilities? Meh. But no way will you ever let your friends achieve less than perfection. They see you as their own personal cheerleader and they love you for your unashamed enthusiasm.

2. But you’re also not afraid to let them know when they’ve effed up


Moms are universally known for giving the best advice, and you fall right into that category. Along with cheering on your girls, you can also be relied on to keep them grounded.

3. You’re prepared for every situation


Your friends need snacks? You have tons. Going to the beach? You’re passing around the sunscreen to those who forgot. Somehow, your purse manages to fit it all.

4. Two words: responsible drunk

Not even alcohol can stop you from taking care of your squad. You’re the one holding their hair up by the toilet and making sure they get home safely, no matter how many margaritas you’ve already had. Creepy dudes at the bar definitely hate you for your interfering, motherly ways.

5. You try to keep up with the trends, but it always feels a little awkward


Let’s face it – you’re an old soul at heart. Urban Dictionary is your best friend.

6. You get sh*t done


As the mom friend of the group, you know how to push through unpleasant tasks better than anyone. Even little things like killing bugs or getting to that huge pile of dishes in the sink – you just suck it up because you know no one else will. Mom friends are the underrated powerhouse of the friend group.

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