Who The Hell Is Going To Win This Election?

It’s finally here! The day on which Americans choose our fate and select the new commander-in-chief is upon us and to call it nerve-wracking is an understatement. Some people deal with the harsh symptoms of election anxiety by obsessively live streaming the results, others prefer to calm down with a drink (or 15) and then some just like to know the odds.

And the odds are extremely important here. Our future is going to be at the will of either accomplished career politician Hillary Clinton or a person incapable of getting a believable spray tan, Donald Trump. Somehow between those two options, the results are predicted to be neck-and-neck.

What are the chances of our country being in the hands of someone who once said he’d consider dating his daughter? We have predictions and odds here for the outcome of tonight’s election.

FiveThirtyEight predicts that there is a 71.4% chance of Hillary Clinton winning.

PredictWise believes in the 89% chance of Clinton winning.

Buzzfeed predicts at least 175 of 270 electoral votes in favor of Clinton.

Hypermind is standing behind a 74% chance of Hillary Clinton winning.

The New York Times reports an 84% chance of having our first female president.

The stock market is in favor of Trump.

A psychic goat predicts a Hillary Clinton win. Seems legit.

A professor that has correctly predicted election results in the past thinks that Trump will win… Seems as legit as the goat.

Larry Sabato and the team at University of Virginia’s Center for Politics see the electoral college going with Clinton.

The Associated Press is also going with Clinton in terms of the electoral college.

The Princeton Election Consortium predicts a Hillary Clinton win.

NPR’s General Election Ratings favor Clinton.

ABC News is saying a Clinton win is highly likely.

Donald Trump thinks he will win.

Good luck, America. May the odds be ever in our favor.

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