This New App Shows You How Crowded Bars Are So You’ll Never Have a Bad Night Out Again

Going out with your crew can feel a lot like the story of Goldilocks. Some people prefer a quieter, less packed place where they can actually talk; others love the music and chaos of a packed bar. And then there are those who like it juuuuust right, and hate either extremity that everyone else goes for. Regardless of preference, a new app called Looop is here to help you have a great night at the bars.

As the app’s website describes it, “Whether you’re looking for the party, trying to avoid the crowd or something in between, Looop will help you decide where to go.” The way it works is relatively straightforward too. When you open Looop, it takes you to a “marketplace of venues,” aka a list of bars in the area. Select a bar and the app will provide a real-time analysis of how busy it is, with four different activity zones.

“Relaxed” is for those people who want to go to a bar and have a drink in relative peace and quiet. “Active” indicates that the bar isn’t completely empty, but isn’t full of rowdy people either. “Lively” means that the place is quite crowded and would be a great one to go to if you want to dance or party. “Hot” is for those brave souls who want to have wild nights, ones they will either regret or not remember at all the next day.

Looop also will give more details about whatever bar you’re checking out such as hours of operation, as well as a 360-degree view of the place. You can even book an Uber or Lyft through the app. CJ Bertram, Looop’s CEO, explains how the app was created to Elite Daily:

“The idea for Looop came from a series of events. While working in finance, friends and colleagues would ask me for suggestions about a good place to have a business drink or a date, each person wanting a certain atmosphere or vibe. On NYE, I met up with some friends two hours or so before midnight, and no one had any idea where we were gonna bring in the new year. To my surprise, I was supposed to find us a chill spot that night, but I never got the memo. As I called and texted everyone in my phone book, a friend walked over sipping his drink and said ‘I wish there wasn’t so much guesswork.’ That’s when it finally clicked.”

We will definitely be reaping the fruits of Bertram’s hard work. No more lame nights out ever again!

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[H/T: Elite Daily]