In Honor Of Chrissy Teigen’s 31st Birthday, Here Are 10 Of Her Best Moments

There aren’t many people in the world who can get away with constantly tweeting about their love of dairy, fast food, and carbs while also being an extremely successful model and television host. Top that off with being considered everyone’s honorary BFF and it’s damn near impossible to achieve.

But that’s exactly what Chrissy Teigen is. She is the perfect example of self-awareness and the complexity of identity, being able to not only have us laugh at her extreme and transparent sense of relatability (hello, she once tweeted about yelling for a fast food run in a blackout) but also able to make fun of herself, her fame, her career and those around her, no matter how A-list or glamorous they may be. It doesn’t feel like she’s trying too hard to make us like her because Teigen’s ambitions seem to be more concerned with simply being real. She’s not contrived.

The thing that’s so alluring about Chrissy Teigen is that she easily could be your hilarious best friend or your favorite coworker. And it’s her Twitter presence that has brought her even more notoriety in recent years, the perfect medium to her cutting edge brand of goofy and effortless celebrity.

In honor of Chrissy Teigen’s birthday today, here are some of her most hilarious moments. There are plenty to choose from and we hope there will be many more to come.

1. When she reminded us to give her the recognition she deserved.

2. When she revealed her own hidden singing talents…. #VOICEOFANANGEL

3. When she took on a totally new career.

4. When she made sure that her political opinions were heard.

5. When she proved just how loyal she was to her BFF Kim Kardashian West.

6. When she wrote a cookbook so amazing that even the biggest celebs were singing her praises.

7. And then helped a fan step up her own cooking… complete with Chrissy-themed wrapping paper.

8. When she admitted her “lifetime dream” was to own a cheese wheel.

9. When she didn’t have time for mom-shamers.


10. When she reminded us that true love is not a myth.

Happy birthday, Chrissy! Please never stop tweeting. 

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