This Beer Can Christmas Tree Embodies True Christmas Spirit

If you thought only college guys¬†were obsessed with beer, think again. One Australian man, Wes Boyd, decided to forego the typical Douglas Fir and make his own Christmas tree out of beer cans.¬†Because it’s the most wonderful time for some beer, no?

Boyd has been building his tree for over a year with the help of some of his drinking buddies. They used 2,536 cans of Victoria Bitter beer, whose shiny green can goes perfectly with the Christmas decor. “I wanted to build it to make people happy,” Boyd explained toPerthNow. “Me and some mates love drinking VBs, and two to three mates have been bringing empty cans over here every week for the past 14 months.” The tree spans an impressive 4.4 meters and even lights up.

4.4 meters = approximately 14.4 feet, by the way. It’s huge.

And it gets better. Beyond being the future holiday decoration for frat boys everywhere, the beer can Christmas tree supports a good cause. Boyd is using the attention his tree is getting to raise awareness and funds for the charity of his choice, Alzheimer’s Australia. Both his mother and grandmother suffered from the disease before passing away; Boyd will be taking donations for the rest of the month.

The spirit of Christmas truly is giving, not receiving. And also booze.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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