This Dad’s Text About How He Fell for His Wife is the Cutest Thing You’ll Read All Day

Between the Brangelina split and the rumors of a Kimye divorce, you may start to feel that romance is truly dead in this world. But fear not! Just because our fave celebs can’t keep it together doesn’t confirm true love as a myth. And this dad proves it.

Twitter user, @sydnyy_  aka Sydney, was writing an essay about her parents, so she asked her dad how they met and fell in love. Usually, parents give a brief or simple explanation of how they met, what they had in common at the time, how long they dated, etc. But not Sydney’s father. He texted her a love story in a few short paragraphs that rivals most of Nicholas Sparks’ bibliography. There’s passion, struggle, anxiety, and of course, true love.

Her dad starts by explaining that, surprisingly enough, he and his future wife initially had a joke proposal that quickly blossomed to real love:


“She was more than a dream come true for me.” Please include that in your next movie, Disney Studios. Also, R2D2 is a fantastic nickname.

As her father says, trouble started to come when Sydney’s mother wanted another child. They had grown apart after the first two, partly due to such conflicting schedules, and he wasn’t sure about that having a third would ease the stress. Yet that third child – Sydney herself – actually brought them closer than they had ever been before:



To treat your girl like a queen is one thing, but to consistently call her one? Sydney’s dad takes it to a whole new level. And his unconditional love extends to his children too, all because of his wife. But the last text is where we all totally lose it:


We’re not sure we could have written an essay after getting that text because of all the emotion we’re feeling.

Sydney, extremely touched after this encounter, posted it on Twitter so that everyone else could also cry over the perfection of these texts. Since then, it’s gotten over 18K likes and 9K retweets. Because who doesn’t love love? All because she asked her dad a simple question.

Thanks, Sydney’s father, for totally upping our standards for romance.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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