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How To Rock Fishnets Without Looking Like You’re Wearing A Halloween Costume

Fishnet fashion style tips


Thanks to the Kardashian clan, fishnet socks and tights are flying off the shelves faster than Kylie’s Lip Kits. But, as with all trends, they all come and go in the stylish circle of life. While celebrities may popularize trends, they don’t always necessarily start them. Fishnets have seemed to have a perpetually bad rep. They were thought to only be wearable for costume parties or nights out.

Perhaps the trend first started with the London Punk Movement in the 1970s. During the same time, the Rocky Horror Picture Show was released, a movie and a movement in which fishnets were a large part of the standard wardrobe. The cult-hit may have added to the tights’ costume-like association. Over the decades, fishnets have evolved past their tights-style form. They can now be found in the form of shirts and socks and are no longer just made in black.

Thanks to the celebs, we are now seeing how fishnets can be worn in a casual, everyday way. See how the trend first started and get inspiration on ways you can wear these edgy undergarments.

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