Obama Made a Passing Comment About Lattes & the Internet Definitely Overreacted

ICYMI, President Obama held his final press conference of 2016 earlier today, discussing just about everything relevant in our nation. Between the current state of affairs in Aleppo to Russian interference in the US presidential election, the current President didn’t seem to leave anything behind. He especially berated the media for its seemingly biased coverage of the election and overemphasis on the leaked email controversy.

But one tiny quote Obama diverted everyone’s attention. While talking about what Democrats could do to be more successful in future elections, he said:

I think that we have to spend the most time on — because it’s the thing we have the most control over — is how do we make sure that we’re showing up in places where I think Democratic policies are needed, where they are helping, where they are making a difference, but where people feel as if they are not being heard?

And where Democrats are characterized as coastal, liberal, latte-sipping, you know, politically correct, out-of-touch folks.

We have to be in those communities, and I’ve seen that when we are in those communities, it makes a difference.

Gotta love POTUS. It’s kind of a funny thing to say in an official press conference, but Obama’s been beyond the point of caring for some time now. Either way, he makes a great point about working together and ensuring that everyone feels like they matter.

Of course, Twitter went all out about the “latte-sipping” part. Some people absolutely loved it…

…while others feigned serious indignity.

Oh, Internet. You keep doing you and sipping those lattes. So long as you take all the other stuff Obama said as seriously as you do this, we should be fine. After all, 2017 can’t get any worse, can it?


[H/T: Elite Daily]

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