A Keurig For Wine Is On The Market Just In Time For Christmas

If there’s one thing you need during the holidays, it’s an overabundance of alcohol. Listening to your family debate politics at the kitchen table while your weird uncle lingers in the corner calls for your glass to always be filled. While we’d love to just carry around a massive wine bottle with a straw in it, our families tend to frown upon that. But now there’s something just as good: D-Vine, a Keurig for wine.

Created by French wine aficionados 10-Vins, the glorious device provides subtle refills with little effort (which obviously comes in handy when you get sloshed), and comes with little flasks of wine so you can taste the whole delicious rainbow. It also serves the beverage at temps fit to the wine itself, so you get the most out of your glass. Honestly we’re used to drinking Franzia from the box, so we’re not exactly tough critics, but hey, we’re into it!

For a hot $1,257 you can get happiness in an appliance. Sadly it’s not available in the U.S. yet, but it’s recently been debuted in Singapore and is bound to make its way to the states sooner rather than later. In the meantime, start saving for this solid investment. Whoever said you can’t buy love has never been wine drunk, and if you’ve never been wine drunk, have you even lived?









[H/T: Reviewed]

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