Tomi Lahren: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Everyone’s Favorite Conservative Commentator

Oh, Tomi Lahren. If you’ve been on Facebook even once in the past year, there’s no doubt you’ve seen Tomi Lahren’s platinum blonde hair and blue eyes on your newsfeed. The host of TheBlaze, Tomi is well known for her impassioned speeches and opinions about immigration, gun control, the Black Lives Matter movement, her support for Donald Trump and countless other political and social issues. Before rising to Internet fame through Tomi on TheBlaze, Lahren went to the University of Nevada – Las Vegas and hosted On Point with Tomi Lahren on One Americans News Network (OAN). She recently put herself in the center of controversy when she posted a Tweet comparing the Black Lives Matter movement to the Ku Klux Klan. Her November appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah also went viral the following day, with many critics comparing the segment to former host John Stewart’s friendly rivalry with Billy O’Reilly. But with all the information about Tomi Lahren circulating on the Internet, there are a few things you probably still don’t know about her.

Check out these 10 must-see facts about Tomi Lahren.

1. She was born into a military family 

It should come as no surprise that Tomi was raised in a military family. Her grandfather was a Marine in World War II and two of her cousins are active Marine Corps officers.

2. She’s obsessed with Kim Kardashian 

She has often said that she admires Kim Kardashian and hopes to model her own empire after the multi-billion dollar business that Kim has built for herself.

3. She is rumored to have dated a Bachelorette star

Tomi was rumored to be dating Bachelorette finalist Chase McNary after the two were spotted in Las Vegas.

4. She’s a strong supporter of adopting animals

Tomi is a big advocate for animal adoption and often posts pictures of her adorable rescue dog, Kota.

5. She had a high GPA in high school and college, but also doesn’t like long books…

In an interview with The Daily Caller, she revealed that she did extremely well in high school and college. Ironically, though, she has admitted in the past that she’s “not a reader” and doesn’t like long books. Interesting…

6. She’s very proud of the state where she was born, South Dakota

Tomi was born and raised in South Dakota and she’s very proud of her state heritage. She even has a neck tattoo of her state’s flower and state grass. In one Instagram post of the tattoo she wrote, “South Dakota is always with me and it’s great to be back home.”

7. She considers Trevor Noah a “friend”

Despite their heated debate on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Tomi maintains that she and Trevor get along pretty well off camera. In an interview with TMZ she said, “You can be friends with people you disagree with, it’s OK.”

8. She wasn’t afraid to stand up to Beyonce

Tomi is definitely not afraid of the Beyhive. After Tomi posted a viral video criticizing Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance, she received a ton of threatening comments. However, Tomi didn’t back down and defended her comments on social media.

9. She thinks she’s too controversial for Fox News 

She’s been quoted as saying that she’s “too controversial” for Fox News and even Donald Trump, who she staunchly supports, warned her to stay away from the network. The President-elect wrote in a tweet, “Glad to hear u liked my performance. It’s good to see there are some smart blonde tv pundits. Just don’t ever move to Fox News.”

10. She dated a hot Navy SEAL  


Tomi dated hot Navy SEAL Jerad Christian. The pair were together since February 2015 after meeting in San Diego.

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