This Woman’s Drunk Boyfriend Narrated Her Makeup Tutorial & It’s Better Than Expected

If there’s one thing most guys don’t seem to get, it’s makeup. They see all lipstick shades as just ‘red’ and think that if an eyeshadow isn’t blue, it isn’t worth noticing. I know I’ve definitely had a few guys ask me why I bother with it or not understand the intricate, artistic process that is the perfect winged liner. Ugh.

But one makeup artist seems to have slightly more faith. Casey Holmes decided she would have her boyfriend, Davis, narrate one of her tutorials. Having men who know nothing about makeup do voiceovers been a new trend floating around the makeup vlogs, especially after one girl had her dad hilariously narrate her makeup tutorial. But unlike the dad, Davis seems to sort of understand makeup.


There is one last-minute catch though. Davis ends up recording the voiceover drunk and it’s so entertaining.

He actually does a pretty good job! Casey’s beau seems to have picked up on a few of her techniques, like highlighting and contouring. He even gets that concealer should go on in a triangle form. Davis also provides some pretty spot-on commentary about “eye glitter.” He says “It’s a look that you gotta go for if you’re tryin’ to say, ‘Hey, I’m ready to party, but I’m also independent,’ ya know what I’m saying?”

Not really, Davis, but you definitely get an A for effort. And also for knowing that the “key to success” is false but fierce eyelashes. Casey seems pretty pleased based on her own emoji commentary as he narrates. Watch the whole video below:

All I want for Christmas is a boyfriend who can narrate my makeup skills like Davis. Who is also smart, funny, kind and has the abs of a Greek god. Is that really too much to ask?

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