Fans of Carrie Fisher Made Her the Sweetest Tribute on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Earlier this week, 2016 claimed yet another famous celebrity. Carrie Fisher, one of the original icons in the Star Wars saga and a feminist badass in her own right, passed away at age 60 from cardiac arrest. The actress-writer recently had a cameo in “Star Wars: Episode VIII” and was beloved by normal human beings and other stars alike.

While thousands of people have spoken out about Fisher’s sudden death and celebrating her life, one homemade tribute definitely takes it to the next level. For whatever reason, the actress didn’t have her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – so someone decided that needed to change. A makeshift star was created on the Walk of Fame as a memorial to Fisher:

The star reads “Carrie Fisher/May the force be with you always/Hope” as a tribute to her famous work as Princess Leia Organa. Fisher’s father and mother, Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, have their own engraved stars as well. A producer for the Walk of Fame says that the makeshift memorial will be allowed to stay up for at least a few days, to allow people to mourn.

Carrie Fisher Remembered With Makeshift Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Although it’s unclear who began the tribute in the first place, several fans have paid their respects to the actress. They’ve been leaving flowers and candles. More notably, a light saber and honey buns – referencing Princess Leia’s signature hairstyle – have also been placed by Fisher’s star.

It’s clear from the popularity of the memorial that Fisher deserved a real Walk of Fame star long ago.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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