Creepy AF Phone Attachment Makes It Possible For You To Kiss People Over The Internet

It goes without saying that 2016 was one of the most tumultous years in recent memory, but with only a few days left, you’d think we’d be able to get out unscathed. Sadly, someone in the universe really wants to f*ck with the world because the punches keep coming. The latest? Something more disturbing than a reality star running the country — the Kissenger, a new iPhone accessory that uses a robotic kissing pad to transmit your wireless kisses to strangers over the internet.

Wait What?
According to Thrillist, the creepy new phone accessory was developed by a team of researchers based in London and uses “haptic feedback to transmit the pressure data from one person’s lips to another person’s device, and vice versa.” In short: it uses a bunch of science mumbo jumbo to let you kiss up on people over the phone. It also uses a camera to show you the face of the person you’re smooching, so it feels like they’re actually there and not just plastered up against their phone screen.

While we immediately thought this could be the new wave of sexting, Kissenger’s website stresses that the add-on isn’t just for lovers. It could also be used to plant a kiss on your grandmother while studying abroad, or to connect with other family members you’re close with.

So yeah, at first glance this is weird AF and gives us serious creep vibes, but if you’re creative, it could also be a way to spice up that LDR. Just make sure you invest in the wine Keurig first — you’re going to need a few glasses of Pinot before you start trying to makeout with an inanimate object.

[H/T: Thrillist]

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