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This New Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Has a Special Ingredient & We Need It In Our Lives Now

Ben & Jerry's new flavor


I don’t have a boyfriend…I have two. And their names are Ben and Jerry. That was cool to say in early high school and it’s hopefully still cool to say now. The ice cream company is among the most famous here in the United States, known for their crazy combinations of delicious ice cream and sugary enhancements.

Chances are, you probably have a favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s already. Well, make some space in your freezer because the newest release combines ice cream AND alcohol. Ben & Jerry’s will be debuting a flavor called “Urban Bourbon” and it looks incredible:


“Urban Bourbon” is described as burnt caramel ice cream – which is already making my mouth water – and includes fudge flakes, almonds and bourbon caramel swirls. So now we can eat ice cream and simultaneously booze up too! Thanks Ben & Jerry’s!

Ben & Jerry's new flavor


But seriously, this flavor sounds amazing and we’ll be getting pints by the dozen as soon as it’s available. Unfortunately, “Urban Bourbon” is not on the market yet. According to the Instagram post, it should be available within a few months. However, The Thrillist hints that there are signs indicating that the flavor will be released before we know it. Walmart also has a page for “Urban Bourbon,” but it’s still blank for the time being. Ben & Jerry’s reportedly trademarked the name “Urban Bourbon,” which pretty much means it’s here to stay.

So now instead of spending all my money on buying drinks at a bar I don’t want to be at, I can just get turnt at home with my two boyfriends while watching Netflix. Win-win.

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