8 New Makeup Palettes To Step Up Your Beauty Game In 2017

The same look day in and day out can get pretty boring. A swipe of nude gloss, a little foundation and the typical mascara can make the usual makeup routine feel like a chore. If you’re looking to reinvent yourself in 2017 and to make makeup exciting again, Sephora is here to help. Feel free to cue up the music for a cheesy ‘new year, new you’ makeover montage here.

Princess Mia makeover

Sephora’s latest releases range from colorful blushes to glossy, dewy highlighters, and are perfect for the makeup-obsessed and always trendy beauty lovers looking to change up their looks. Not only do they range in color and style, they also differ in price from cost-efficient to luxe and pricey. There’s a palette at Sephora for every price range.

Take a look at these eight newly-released makeup palettes and get ready to devise your latest reinvention. Be careful… All of these gorgeous products are available for purchase online.

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