Guy Includes Hilarious PowerPoint In His Tinder Profile On Why To Swipe Right For Him

You know how sometimes, when you get on Tinder, swiping starts to be a mindless activity? You’ll start off taking your time, skimming each bio…and then suddenly, you’ve matched with 30 people in 10 minutes. But every once in a while, someone will truly capture your attention. Although his name is generic, Max knows how to catch your eye…via PowerPoint.

Max, 20, decided he wanted to make his Tinder profile the most unforgettable one out there. Rather than leaving some vague nonsense about his interests, he has an entire presentation of his key personality traits, talents and perks of being with him. It’s aptly called “A PowerPoint Explaining Why You Should Swipe Right” and it’s awesome:

Seriously. I wouldn’t even hesitate.

But let’s take a closer look anyways, because the amount of thought this guy put into his PowerPoint is amazing. The first slide simply declares “I am multitalented”:

Guy includes hilarious powerpoint on tinder profile


Hellooooo abs.

Well, if his mom thinks he’s a great singer, then he clearly must be. Max is also a serious athlete based on that “trophy for participation” and his 7th grade baseball team. If Bill Clinton approves, then we do too.

Other benefits to swiping right? He has a REALLY CUTE DOG. And Chuck E. Cheese is a potential date option.

Guy includes hilarious powerpoint on tinder profile


Everyone needs a man who will compliment and massage you. And let you play with his dog. Really though, that’s a big plus.

In conclusion, swipe right.

Guy includes hilarious powerpoint on tinder profile


How could you swipe left on this guy? That finger mustache is everything.

What a way to up the dating game; next thing you know, we’ll be getting 10-page essays (double-spaced, MLA format) on why you should give a guy your number. Here’s to hoping we all find our Max one day.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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