How The Vamp Stamp Is Keeping Winged Liner Sharp AF

Even after roughly ten years of wearing makeup, I just can’t seem to master getting top eyeliner right. That being said, I’d be a fool to attempt doing winged eyeliner, so I don’t. It’s not easy to perfect a sharp, cat-like liner.

Luckily, there’s a product coming onto the market sure to help all of us that have been struggling with getting that amazing cat-eye.

The Vamp Stamp, available for preorder now, is going to revolutionize the eyeliner game. Currently, there are two options of liner stamp: VaVaVoom Medium (great for everyday wear) and VaVaVoom Large (which would crush a night out).

The application process is beyond easy and takes way less time than fiddling with liner and smudging eye makeup everywhere.

It’s seriously that simple… And we’re already adding this to our beauty wish list. Talk about amazing.

Vamp Stamp Eyeliner

This tutorial gives me hope for my future relationship with eyeliner.

This tutorial gives me hope for my future relationship with eyeliner. But don’t get too excited. Getting this tool won’t be as easy as finding the nearest Sephora and saving up a little money. The product won’t be available for a few more weeks, according to the brand’s Twitter account.

Here’s hoping these next few weeks pass by quickly while we wait for the Vamp Stamp to come out! In the meantime, keep on practicing that winged liner… And wishing for a Vamp Stamp. Good luck!

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