Kylie Jenner Is Releasing New Valentine’s Day Lip Kits Tomorrow

Alert bae ASAP: Kylie Jenner is releasing a bunch of new lip kits for Valentine’s Day and you’re going to want all of them.

In a Snapchat story posted on Tuesday, fans were given a sneak peek of four different lip kip packages, each of which were decked out in vibrant red borders and Jenner’s first name in bold, red letters on the front. While she tried to keep things ~*mysterious*~ by not showing the full packaging, it’s clear that they’re lip kits specific to the upcoming holiday of love.

Kylie Jenner New Lip Kit


As if the Snapchat wasn’t proof enough of Jenner’s plans, she also released Mary Jo K, Posie K, Candy K and Dolce K just in time for Valentine’s Day last year, and the colors were incredibly successful. Why wouldn’t you want to replicate that?!

Kylie Jenner
The tease comes just one day after Jenner announced that there’s a new Kylie Pop-Up Shop heading to New York City, so it’s been a week full of good news. Fingers crossed these new lip kits will be making their debut there. Gotta love the holidays, am I right?!?!?!

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