How Pro Makeup Artist Tracy Murphy Is Keeping Lashes Beautiful And Confidence High

Tracy Murphy didn’t want to release a line of makeup simply because she could.

After 20 years of consulting, which included working with celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Kate Upton, Zoe Kravitz and Ashley Graham, Murphy certainly wasn’t at a loss for opportunities. She wanted to be conscious of what exactly she was putting into the ever-expanding world of makeup and didn’t want to settle for anything less than perfection. Eventually, she achieved it with the creation of her very own brand, Lash Star Beauty, and did it on her very own terms.

It started out as an idea for a book all about lashes and then morphed into something bigger. Murphy wanted to create a brand that had innovative foundations in achieving different lash looks for different and diverse types of eyes and hair. It wasn’t about making tons of money putting a large quantity of makeup into the market, but about putting quality and confidence first.

“I wanted a better way,” Murphy said. And though she eventually found it, though it wasn’t easy. After over six years of simply working towards perfecting the company and using each piece of her own knowledge to influence her ideas, she officially launched in June 2014, making Lash Star Beauty available for buyers two years later. As the brand has continued to grow, Murphy has maintained her dedication to keeping makeup wearers confident.

“It sounds silly but you can be having a sh*tty day and if your lashes look good, you can feel good,” Murphy said. “Little things like that can calm you down and make you feel better. It’s empowering.”

One of the greatest methods of letting makeup serve as a fun confidence-booster with the help of Lash Star Beauty? Breaking the rules.

As a makeup artist, Murphy learned her biggest beauty lesson from “pulling back” and allowing friends and clients to design their own looks without needing validation. “Not everyone wants the same thing,” Murphy said. “I’ve learned to respect individuality.” Whether it means simple things like bold colors or bigger rebellions that involve dissenting from the usual beauty standards, Murphy hopes that Lash Star fans will maintain their personal senses of uniqueness.

Murphy’s own fave trends and looks also revolve around the idea of individuality. She’s an admitted fan of a strong brow, recalling Linda Evangelista’s influence, and also loves dewy skin that looks “lit from within,” adding strobe cream to give skin an ethereal glow.

“I like anything weird,” Murphy said. She says that drag and club kid looks are some of her favorites and that she’s happy there has been an embrace of following individual desires over industry-sanctioned trends or binaries. It goes without saying that the comeback of false lashes holds a special place in her heart.

Though everyone has their own tastes, Murphy does have some universal tips for establishing a good makeup base.

One of her greatest pieces of advice is to take care of the skin. “Always moisturize,” Murphy advised.

She also focuses on making sure that lashes are properly prepped and handled.

There aren’t many better ways to take care of lashes than using a gold lash curler, and luckily Tracy Murphy has one included in her line.

All of the different products in Lash Star’s lineup mean something to her. From the blingy curler to the liners, highlighters and brow pencils, she made sure that they were her best work and extremely well thought-out.

“The kohl liner is the eyeliner I’ve been dreaming of for 20 years,” Murphy said. She also mentions the highlighter as a solution to crafting a subtle glow and the line’s upcoming shadows in a variety of different shades.

Lash Star isn’t stopping with its already impressive roster of products.

The ideas for future releases are endless and Tracy Murphy already has some creations up her sleeve. There are eyeshadow palettes, colorful liners, highlighters for different skin tones, useful tools and even more lash innovations on the way from the brand. Murphy wants the new products “educate and support” makeup fans to “live their lash (and eye) dreams!”

Keeping up with the latest from Lash Star can be done via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and purchasing their products is as easy checking out their website, shopping on Cult Beauty, or browsing through QVC. Their products are not only accessible online, they are also able to be applied with the help of YouTube beauty tutorials that feature Murphy’s best tips and tricks.

Tracy Murphy didn’t do all of this simply because she could. With the release of every new product and the growth of Lash Star Beauty, she’s doing it because everyone deserves not only their best lashes but also their best self. Lash Star is here to help.

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