Listening To This Man Describe How He Knew His Wife Was The One Will Make You Believe In Love

For those who question the existence of love, listening to this man describe how he knew his wife was the one will have you changing your mind. In a now viral Facebook video, John, who was recently in the hospital with a heart problem, talks with medical staff about being with his wife for 65 years and their first date, which inevitably changed both of their lives.

Yup, prepare for a literal sob-fest.

“I was a telephone engineer and she was a telephone operator,” he begins. “And I saw this shapely piece walking down the switch room, with her hair flowing. And I said to myself, ‘She is the one for me.'”

He then goes into their first date on June 28, 1946. In an effort to impress her, John planned to take his future wife to an expensive theater in Leicester Square, but instead she suggested they go see “Dark Corner,” a film at a cheaper theater. While there, they ate beans on toast and had the best first date ever.

Here’s where things get really emo. Years later, the movie began to play on TV and John started to tape it. Now they watch it on special occasions while eating beans and toast, just like they did so many years ago.

But then the video takes a heart-wrenching turn — John’s wife has Alzheimer’s.

“It’s sad. But I can’t be greedy, we’ve both had a good life together,” he explained. “If I had my life all over again I’d want her as my partner. That’s for sure.”

Watch the full video below and try not to cry uncontrollably.

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