Little Mix Under Fire For Huge Photoshop Fails in Their New Music Video

Celebrities seem to underestimate how easy it is to screw up Photoshop. From Khloe Kardashian to Victoria’s Secret, it’s common to use the service to make yourself look skinnier, leaner and more toned. But getting caught tends to result in the inevitable call-outs and clap-backs from the Internet, and it’s no different in Little Mix’s new music video for “Touch.” One of the group’s members, Jesy Nelson, is another victim of a bad Photoshop fail.

Nelson is a gorgeously curvy woman who has strong vocals to boot. Yet for some reason, the video editor decided to slim down certain parts of her body. This ended up being a weird choice – not just because Photoshopping bodies can be considered fat-shaming but because Nelson’s right thigh seems to be the only thing that was changed. So it shimmers back and forth and is really distracting in general (Nelson is front right in the gif below):

You can literally watch it as it suddenly shrinks into half its size. WHY.

Of course, many eagle-eyed fans found several more instances of this horrible editing job. They took to social media to call the band out:

Nelson’s legs were definitely a target.

Those arms seem to be collateral damage from an area that was meant to shrink her waist and it’s freaking us out RN.

Yikes. Just yikes.

As of now, the music video is still on the group’s Youtube channel, which is strange given the reaction to it. Hopefully, Little Mix’s next video leaves the Photoshop out entirely. The group, and their fans, deserve better.

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