Nick Viall Reveals Top 3 ‘Bachelor’ Picks So Far & Corinne Isn’t Included

If you’ve been keeping up with this season of The Bachelor (and why wouldn’t you?), it’s clear that Corinne is one of the most entertaining characters ever. But if you’re expecting her to get that final rose, prepare for a shock. Although we love and are oddly intrigued by her, it doesn’t seem like Nick Viall is.

The last few episodes have focused on her and her many moods, as well as the other women’s reactions towards her. Like most reality shows, this definitely calls for drama among some of the contestants. But Rachel, who is choosing to stay away from the whole Corinne situation, is starting to see some results with the man himself.

Rachel top choice for Nick Viall on The Bachelor


This past Monday’s episode showed Rachel and Viall having their one-on-one in New Orleans, where they danced and laughed and looked pretty intimate. Back in October, when it was being filmed, ET interviewed Nick to see who he saw as the show’s forerunners at that point. He told them:

Rachel’s been kind of a frontrunner since day one… From the very beginning [she was] one of the easiest ones to kind of, you know, talk to, jive with. She’s just, she’s so… in her element in any situation. I love a woman who knows how to have a great conversation and just has a really strong personality and a great smile. She certainly has all of those.

I mean, she’s cool and all, but she’s no Corinne.


Actually, Rachel has been a strong contender from the get-go. The 31 year-old is a successful lawyer and is closest in age to 36 year-old Viall, which can definitely help. Should Rachel receive the final rose, she would be the first black woman in the show’s history to do so.

As for the other top two, Danielle L. and Vanessa are flying high. Viall said a lot of nice things about Danielle L.; mostly he thinks that she’s “very beautiful.” As for Vanessa, he notes that they have “really good chemistry.” I don’t know about you all, but I’m updating my Bachelor league chart ASAP.

Viall also went on to tell ET:

I want a woman I can have great conversations with. I love the physical aspect of relationships, but if you are talking about a relationship that lasts a lifetime, you definitely need that emotional and cerebral connection.

Okay, so maybe Corinne isn’t the most obvious choice for that. Hopefully, Viall can get over his commitment issues and pick someone who he not only loves, but can compromise and connect with. Here’s to hoping for true love and good TV ratings!

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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