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Gabrielle Union To Launch Hair Care Brand For Natural Hair


As if you didn’t love Gabrielle Union enough already, the actress is now giving us yet another reason to be obsessed with her. Union is launching her own hair care line this spring made specifically for women rocking their natural, textured hair. Flawless by Gabrielle Union will be released April 16 at Ulta Beauty, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

The products will be available on Flawless Hair’s website beginning March 1. There are currently 10 products in the line, with the prices ranging from $19 to $29 including items such as shampoo, conditioner, sprays, oils and gels. Union is working with Macadamia Beauty LLC. to bring her brand to life.

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Union’s line is geared toward natural hair, encouraging women to embrace their natural textures, to follow their own hair preferences and to learn more about how to healthily style their hair, natural or otherwise.

“A lot of people like to think if you wear extensions or weaves, you’re full of self-hatred and if you wear natural hairstyles, your sense of self and your sense of community and culture is at an all-time high. Sometimes that’s the case. Sometimes it’s not,” Union told WWD. “I just look at it as each person has their own hair journey, and they’re all amazing, valid, worthwhile and beautiful, no matter what.”

Flawless hair by a flawless woman. Gabrielle Union continues to be #goals.

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