People Are Setting Their Makeup By Dunking Their Heads Underwater & It’s Weird AF

If you’ve had trouble deciding between setting spray or powder, you just might be in luck. “Jamsu” is a beauty trend that originated in South Korea to help effectively set the foundation by dunking the face in a bowl of cold water for about 30 seconds. It was first seen on YouTube user YoonCharm’s channel and it’s pretty alarming.

Since then, brave vloggers have been trying it out in the U.S. and shockingly enough, they’re actually pretty pleased with the results. Even though it’s not the standard method, it seems to be effective in keeping the makeup in place and leaving the face with a nice, subtle glow.

The process is simple. Apply foundation and concealer as usual, then follow those with a generous layer of translucent powder. From there, submerge your face in cold water for about 30 seconds (you can take breaks if necessary).

YouTuber Beauty Vixxen was pretty impressed with how it turned out. She followed the steps as listed above. Just make sure not to complete your eye and lip before dunking.

Beauty Vixxen

As you can see, she’s literally shook by the results. Not in that shivering freezing cold way, either. The water effectively removes the excess powder and keeps the makeup looking seamless, glowy and natural, leaving in locked in place.

We need our next makeup revelation to be that powerful… There’s nothing quite as shocking as a rush of cold water to the face. It might just be time to try out this new theory. Just please be careful and make sure there’s a lifeguard on duty before setting.

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