Little Girl Hilariously Documents Her Dad’s Reaction To The Super Bowl

On Sunday night, the jaws of most Americans dropped as the New England Patriots somehow pulled off a miracle to win the Super Bowl LI in Houston, Texas 34-28 against the Atlanta Falcons. ICYMI, the team was a whopping 25 points down, when Tom Brady pulled off the best comeback ever in the third quarter that led the game into overtime, and eventually, the Patriots to a record-breaking fifth Super Bowl win. And the nation experienced a shock so big, it’s only been trumped by…well, Trump, if we’re honest.



Whether you’re a Patriots fan or not – or even if you didn’t watch this year – you’ll love this little girl’s records of her dad’s reactions to the game. It’s basically what every football non-enthusiast experiences at the hands of fanatics, and it’s just perfect. Initially posted to Reddit, this young girl documented her father’s seriously intense reactions from halftime of the Super Bowl LI until the final touchdown in overtime.

And yes, there’s a lot of screaming:


Seriously, this might be better than the actual game itself. Look how thorough she got with the time-keeping!

Of course, this little girl starts with Lady Gaga‘s incredible performance at halftime. Because is it really worth paying attention until that point? Then “football starts again at 8:40” meaning this is when the game actually starts to get good.

The next section is probably our favorite part, which is just a series of “Dad screams” every other minute. At one point, he even startles his daughter, which is hard to do when you’re as accustomed to the screaming as she clearly is. But let’s be real: if you were watching the Super Bowl LI, chances are you were probably yelling for some reason or another.



5 minutes to 9 o’clock, Dad even starts jumping, as most of America probably did. We’re definitely interested as to which commercial the little girl thought was “weird” because there were definitely some interesting ones throughout the game.

But this last section is pure gold too! Clearly, Dad lost it as the Patriots started to turn it around. He fought with the family dog, did “his evil laugh,” and screamed again all in approximately 8 minutes. He then became “the happiest person” around 9:50pm, followed by what we assume are tears of joy around 10:30pm when the Patriots snag their victory.


This little girl will definitely make her mark in life with observation skills like these. We’re sure Dad found her notes as funny as we did!

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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