Men on Reddit Reveal Things Attractive Women Have Done That Completely Turned Them Off

Ah, dating: it’s all about saying and doing the right stuff. Sometimes a date will be going well when the person you’re with suddenly says something awkward or does something weird. All of a sudden, they’re not that attractive to you anymore. These men from Reddit know what I’m talking about.

One user asked, “Have you ever lost attraction to a good looking woman because of something she did or said?? What happened?” Thus, a whole thread of stories about mean, catty or just plain weird (but very attractive!) women ensues. Looks aren’t everything, despite what the media tells us, and these comments definitely prove it.

The top commenter reveals how a woman he was on a date with was seriously involved with her boss. “First date. Early in the date, she said her boss was driving her crazy. I didn’t think much of it,” he writes. “A few beers later, she says that her boss keeps asking her out. I think, hmmm that’s a lot of baggage but not really her fault necessarily. We go to my house, and she mentions that she sleeps with her boss regularly. Uhhhh…nope.”

Yeah, we’d have to agree with that nope.

Not all reasons are that great. Another commenter decided that horoscopes just weren’t for him. “She started posting astrology memes on Facebook.” Well, okay then. Clearly a Scorpio here. Another petty guy noted that “Just yesterday I matched with a beautiful girl on tinder and for some reason the way she typed ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ aggravated me to the point of unmatching.”

But this story is cringe-y enough to make anyone want to leave. One guy wrote:

“I went out on a couple dates with this really hot asian woman last year. She had everything. Great job, intelligence, and an amazing sense of humor. Not to mention, she worked out six days a week. …She starts to tell me this story about how her and her friend saw some dude doing “girl push-ups” at the gym (i.e. push-ups on your knees, to reduce stress on your arms/back/chest). Then her and her friend began recording the person on Snapchat, added a demeaning comment to the Snap and shared it with their friends. I got heated! (1) You’re only demeaning yourself by calling them girl push-ups. As if women, can’t do the same push-ups as a male. I thought you were a feminist? (2) How can you make fun of someone trying to improve themselves. Everyone needs to start somewhere. Did you stop to think that maybe he already did 1,000 normal push ups and now he’s tired or perhaps he’s coming off a shoulder injury.

He stopped seeing her after that night. To the cute but apparently mean woman he was seeing, ever heard of Dani Mathers? Because she’s facing jail time for the exact same thing.

Being rude to customer service is a huge no-no too, no matter how drunk you are. “We met up at a bar, she went and ordered two drinks without asking if I wanted one, then expected me to pay (I did, caught off guard and stupid),” wrote another Reddit user. “She then drank maybe half before wanting to go get food down the road. We walked there and she tried to pull the same thing but with food even after I said I wasn’t hungry, but I ignored it and she paid for her own food. Her general attitude was crappy and she wasn’t nice to the people serving us at the bar or the food spot, which is a huge turnoff for me.”

Multiple people also told horror stories about dates where evolution vs. creationism comes up. Their dates will absolutely deny the idea of evolution and argue that science is actually science fiction, but refuse to listen to the commenters when they try to explain how it works. Multiple. People.

There are tons of these stories on this Reddit thread, and it all boils down to this: men actually care about personality. We’d recommend giving it a read-through anyways, because some of the comments are actually hilarious.

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