Woman Drags Her Husband’s Lover on a Naked Walk of Shame After Discovering Him Cheating

Video of wife dragging husband's mistress on naked walk of shame

Daily Mail

If you’ve ever been cheated on, you know the extreme cycles of anger and sadness you go through in the aftermath. The fact that someone you loved and cared about so much can betray you like that is enough to make you want to go crazy! But hopefully not as crazy as this wife from Brazil who forced her husband’s mistress on a naked walk of shame after catching the two together.

This wife, unnamed, allegedly discovered the affair between her husband and his side chick when she went to her home in São Paulo and found them together in bed. But rather than publicly berate her husband for being a cheating d*ck, the wife instead focuses on his 20 year-old mistress, according to Daily Mail. She pulled the younger woman by her hair and forced her to take a walk of shame outside…completely nude. The couple’s teenage sons and friends followed them, filming the whole thing and shouting to attract attention from nearby apartments:

[protected-iframe id=”3ec8e375b21e135eda5a980eb2bf8817-860993-106512712″ info=”https://elitedaily.com/component/video-player/external/1786510″ width=”698″ height=”573″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen=””]

However, it doesn’t seem he’s completely off the hook. Her family posted the video to social media, boasting of the attack. This prompted many people to call the police on her. His wife posted on social media after the ordeal in response to this:

I do not give a damn what they think or stop thinking. I’ll show you how you deal with the traitors of a married man. I just got this slut with my husband, ex-husband from today

According to the Daily Mail, it appears she followed her husband home before confronting the couple. The women were then photographed wrestling on the bed, the wife reportedly slashing the woman’s hair with a razor before ripping her clothes off and making her walk in public.

The mistress was later picked up by the husband; she told police that he had claimed to be a single man. Officers have since arrested the wife on bodily injury, defamation, crime of intolerance, violence against women, suspicion of threat and torture. If she is convicted, she could face 10 years in jail.

The worst part of it all? All of this could have been avoided if the wife had gotten angry at her all-deserving husband rather than the mistress. Moral of the story? Cheating is a no-win situation.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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