Fall In Love With These 5 Lovely Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks

It’s Valentine’s Day and you get a text that tells you to be ready by 8:00. Your SO has reserved a table for two at your fave restaurant. You’re so excited for the date until you realize you have no makeup on. Thank God for YouTube.

You definitely want to impress, showing off your sexy side to your date while also showing off your makeup skills. He might not know the difference between a cut crease and a cat eye, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the basics.

There are tons of looks to choose from. Luckily, there’s no need to fumble and search through millions of styles online. We’ve got you covered courtesy of YouTube beauty gurus.

These looks will have your date falling for you. And if not, these beautiful eyeshadow shades and sharp winged liners will warm your heart every time you look in the mirror. Get your full coverage on, because it’s (hopefully!) going to be a fiery, passionate night. Fall in love with these five Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials.

Sparkly, Smokey Pink

This super-girly makeup tutorial smokes out gorgeous shades of pink while adding that hint of shimmer on the center of the lid to shine a little extra light in the eyes of your date.

Soft & Elegant Peach

Want to tone it down a bit, but still stay glam? This natural-looking makeup style puts the soft shades of nude and peach to work.

Glittery Baby Pink

This makeup guru kills the look by balancing out softness and shine. Achieve this classy, delicate look with a sprinkle of glitter to finish it off.

Romantic, Fiery Rose

Romance is in the air on Valentine’s Day, and so is this look. This rosy makeup tutorial is perfect for a night of passion.

Bold, Edgy Maroon

To be honest, who needs a date when you’ve got yourself and this killer look? Slay the game with this anti-romance makeup look.

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