Nicki Minaj Has Rules About Texting & They’re Pure Gold

Nicki Minaj is a mega star and definitely isn’t afraid to demand respect like one. She’s called out paparazzi and other celebrities when she feels they have disrespected her, and has a self-confidence we all secretly wished we had. And now she’s shared with the general public her exact expectations when she receives a text.

Texting Nicki Minaj is not like texting just anyone. Partly because it’s Nicki Minaj, and partly because she will not stand for your usual texting BS. She has a list of very specific rules – not guidelines or suggestions – that she upholds in all conversations. The Queen of Rap will not settle for less:

Don’t even think about sending her a “:)”

It’s emoji keyboard or nothing, baby. Nicki’s gotta know that you put in the time and effort in finding just the right addition to your message. This is her most recent post, though she has other rules she posted to Twitter that are equally important…

…Like knowing when to stop

As a rapper, Minaj understands the power and flow of language. A meaningless “ok” in a conversation – as opposed to the one she sends that finishes it – is actually very much not “ok”. End of conversation.

Don’t bother with “kk”

To be fair, that is a really logical point about abbreviation. Why even use “kk” in the first place? Does anyone even say that in real life? No. No, they don’t.


It’s super annoying, and Minaj will no longer want to have a conversation with you. To be fair, we probably wouldn’t either. Also, take note of the carefully chosen emoji in this message, adding far more to show off her exasperation than any typed-out emoticon could have done.

Follow these simple but incredibly specific rules, and just maybe, Nicki Minaj won’t block you.


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