Rachel Lindsay Says She Was Shocked When Nick Viall Let Her Go

If you’re still watching this season of The Bachelor, you know that despite being the best contestant on the show, Rachel Lindsay is not given the final rose by Nick Viall. Instead, she will be the next Bachelorette and have her choice of 30+ suitors, so there is a silver lining. However, in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Lindsay revealed that she was shocked Nick Viall let her go when he did.

“I really that Nick and I had a strong connection. I was pretty heartbroken when it happened but I’ve moved on since then,” she explains to the talk show host today, adding that her elimination happened three months ago. “I guess he was looking for something else. His loss.”

His loss indeed. Check out the full clip below:


The Bachelorette will start filming in March and producers are still looking for suitors. Who’s her dream man?

“I’m a sucker for a great smile. I’m looking for a guy who can make me laugh, who knows exactly what he wants, who’s ambitious, ready to start a family, ready to get married. I’m at that phase in my life.”

Guys, take note. The Bachelorette premieres May 22 on ABC. Fingers crossed it’s more entertaining than Nick’s season.

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