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Throw Away Your Lip Liner, ‘Snogged’ Lips Have Arrived


Step aside, lip liner. Snogged lips are now a thing. If you no longer want to worry about the precision and accuracy of your lipstick, there’s no need.

The look was created by Val Garland, a makeup artist that worked Preen’s fall 2017 show in collaboration with MAC, according to Cosmopolitan. If you see someone that looks like they’ve spent their evening kissing their bae, that could be possible… Or it could be possible that they’re trying out this new lip trend.

Based on Instagram, it seems some people are definitely into the fad, praising the look. And while it may be popular now, it almost looks like when you have a cold and spend too much time blowing your nose but that’s none of our business…

Garland also posted images using the hashtag #SnoggingLips” so if you’re searching for inspo, make sure you check that out before deciding on a look you’d like to try.

FYI, the name of the fad comes from the British slang term for making out or kissing passionately, so the lips are given the appearance of being messily smudged by PDA. No lip liner or SO is required, but a lot of lipstick/gloss is definitely a must. This one is definitely not for the faint of heart.

We’re curious to see how long this trend lasts, but we’re not throwing away our Kylie Lip Kits just yet.

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