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This Mom & Daughter Duo Take Disney Cosplay To A Whole New Level


Camilla and Layla Courts are taking their love for Disney to a new level: Cosplay. The mother-daughter duo have an Instagram account dedicated to their insane portrayals of famous Disney characters like Ariel and Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Merida from Brave, Elsa from Frozen, and Snow White. To say they go all-out would be an understatement. Not only do they get the dress down perfectly, but full makeup and hair is also a factor in their extravagant photo shoots.

According to the Huffington Post, Camilla has been taking the photos for the last two years.

“Every once in a while I like to get in on the fun, and I think being the villain is way more fun than wearing the crown,” she explained. “I have a fantastic makeup artist named Missy MacKintosh who has transformed me into Maleficent [from Sleeping Beauty], The Evil Queen [from Snow White] and my favorite, Ursula [from The Little Mermaid].”

Camilla added that the photo shoots have helped get Layla out of her shell.

“She’s a very shy child and I see her light up when she gets into costume,” Courts said. “She’s gained a lot of confidence since we started the project and has really come out of her shell.”

Uh… how could she not with these gorgeous ensembles?! Note to self: on days you feel extra drab, just dress up like Merida and get sh*t done.

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