Lady Gaga Is Replacing Beyoncé At Coachella This Year

Although the news that Beyoncé is no longer performing at Coachella left us all in literal tears, the music festival has managed to find a fantastic replacement. Lady Gaga will be replacing Queen Bey as this year’s headliner! Lady Gaga will reportedly be performing on both Saturdays, April 15 and 22.

According to Billboard, Lady Gaga made an official announcement via Twitter when she posted a revised Coachella line-up with the caption, “Let’s party in the desert!” earlier today. Given her recent kick-ass performance at the Super Bowl earlier this month and her Joanne tour kicking off in August, we’re actually pretty stoked about this.

Although the prospect of Beyoncé not being there is a shame, it’s definitely for the best. By the time Coachella rolls around, Queen Bey will be in her third trimester with her twins. So it’s definitely for the sake of her health and the health of her baby Beys that she doesn’t participate this year. At any rate, she’s hoping to make a Coachella comeback in 2018.

It was apparently very important to the organizers of the music festival that another female performer replace Beyoncé; Lady Gaga is now the first woman to headline Coachella since Björk back in 2007, according to Billboard. It’s especially great because Lady Gaga has always been an outspoken role model and is not afraid to say or sing things she feels is important.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga will be joined at Coachella by other headliners Kendrick Lamar and Radiohead. Other prominent artists in the Coachella lineup include Bon Iver, Future, Lorde and the XX. While it sucks Beyoncé cancelled, we can’t think of a better artist to replace her.

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