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New Mexico High Schools Are Introducing Nap Time During School Hours



One of the worst things about being in high school was the constant feeling of being tired. It would’ve been amazing to have a scheduled nap during the school day but unfortunately, that luxury was only practiced in preschool. However, all of that might be changing. According to NBC, high schools in New Mexico are testing out the use of sleep pods to let students nap between classes.

The pods were first planned as a means to help students gather some extra sleep during the day. On average, teens need about nine to 10 hours of sleep each day. According to the National Institutes of Health, only about a third of students are getting the bare minimum of eight hours, let alone ten.

Mental health grants from the state helped bring the pods to the lucky schools. Students have reported that quick trips to the pods help them battle anxiety while also keeping them focused.

Some parents may feel that the middle of the day may not be the best time for a nap. Linda Summers, a sleep researcher at New Mexico State University, tells NBC, “Why are they not in science or math class? Well, they could be. But they wouldn’t be listening, they wouldn’t be paying attention, and so this way we can get them to go back to class and focus.”

“It really was beneficial, educationally, to put them in the pod for 20 minutes and send them back to class, rather than have them miss half a day,” Sandy Peugh, a school nurse in the district, told the Sante Fe New Mexican.

It’s safe to say that New Mexico is officially the state we were in during those horrible high school years. Who knew a simple nap could save us from the lifelong anxiety of high school memories?

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