Omg, ‘SNL’ NAILS Mansplaining In New Sketch

For the second week in a row, the popular weekend sketch-comedy show Saturday Night Live addressed women’s issues in honor of International Women’s Day.

In last night’s episode, the cast teased the subject of mansplaining, having two male cast members “write” a sketch in honor of women (since they couldn’t participate due to striking), but giving the women in the sketch almost no lines.

Beck Bennet and Kyle Mooney starred in the sketch, and they lectured on everything from the wage gap to micro-aggressions to how women are portrayed in the media that men “just don’t understand.”

“It just made me realize how hard it must be to be a woman,” Bennet laments about seeing a woman get harassed on the street.

The only lines Scarlett Johannson and Aidy Bryant are given in the sketch is: “Thank you for saying that,” which they repeat with increasingly annoyed stares into the camera (a la Jim Halpert.)

Bennet and Mooney don’t even let musical guest Lorde sing, instead singing her hit song “Royals” for her.

The clip is hysterical, groan-inducing, and all-too-familiar to many of the women watching.

Watch the sketch in all of its glory below:


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