Corinne Olympios Has A Very Important Message For You About National Napping Day

If there’s one thing you should remember about this year’s Bachelor villain Corinne Olympios, it’s her love for napping. The 24-year-old took heat from the other girls after she decided to skip out on a rose ceremony and nap. Honestly, competing against 30 other women for one man’s affection is exhausting, so we feel her.

And if there’s anyone who feels your pain about losing an hour of sleep thanks to Daylight Savings, it’s Corinne. In a new PSA for National Napping Day, she had a very important word of advice for the sleep deprived.

“We all get up early and go to work as productive adults,” Olympios says. “We make phone calls, send emails and attend meetings. Then it creeps into late afternoon and the struggle is real!”

She continues, “Today, if you’re tired from Daylight Savings, or just from being your fabulous self, just think, WWCD—What Would Corinne Do?”

Obviously the answer is always “nap.” Check out the full video below.

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