Could This ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Couple Have an Unfair Advantage?

DWTS Heather Morris unfair advantage with dance background?

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In less than a week, season 24 of Dancing With the Stars will premiere on ABC, and the cast looks amaaaazing. As if you haven’t seen enough of him, no-longer-a-bachelor Bachelor star Nick Viall has joined the ranks. Olympic gymnast Simone Biles also followed in the footsteps of her teammate, Laurie Hernandez, who won last season’s show. While Biles has a reputation for getting the gold for literally everything she does (just look at her Olympic Games stats!), she may have to settle for silver this time.

One DWTS couple has been under a lot of controversy lately for having an advantage over the other competitors. Heather Morris, who played the lovable but slow cheerleader Brittany on Glee, is joining up with professional ballroom dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy. The problem? Morris actually has a ton of dance experience, making viewers and competitors alike question whether she is ineligible to compete as an “amateur.”

ABC/E! News

Morris has worked as a back-up dancer for Beyoncé and also appeared on So You Think You Can Dance? She’s even showcased her talents during her stint on Glee. E! News reports that both she and Chmerkovskiy have acknowledged the fact that she has dance experience, and want to use it to their advantage. After the cast for season 24 was announced on Good Morning America, Chmerkovskiy said “I’m excited. No, why not? Listen, I’ll take it.” Morris then chimed in, “Take it for what it’s worth.”

But not everyone is happy about this pairing. “There has been some joking and a little snark about it among the other contestants,” an insider reported to E! News. “But it’s just because there is literally no doubt she’s [Morris is] a professional dancer. It takes the others days or even a full week to learn a routine. She gets it down in a matter of hours.” Another source claims that even a professional dancer has complained about it, though no one has been directly outspoken about Morris’ eligibility yet.

ABC/E! News

Morris and Chmerkovskiy aren’t relying too much on this advantage though. They’re expecting the competition – and the judging – to be fierce no matter what. “To say that we just have this massive advantage, I think so, but I don’t think we’re the only ones that could pull off beautiful, beautiful numbers,” Chmerkovskiy told E! News. “I’m ready for us to be scrutinized a little different and judged a little different and rightfully so, we’ll do our best.” And despite her dance background, Morris is nervous about being in front of a live audience, something she’s never really done before.

What do you think? Should DWIS allow Morris to compete on the same level as everyone else? Sound off below!

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