Miley Cyrus’ Dad Reveals She Has New Music Coming Out Soon

A few years ago, Miley Cyrus was constantly in the spotlight – and loving it, from what we could tell. But for some time now, she’s fallen under the radar, something nobody really expected from the star. However, a recent tweet from her famous father, Billy Ray Cyrus, has confirmed that his daughter will be back on our car radios and Spotify playlists soon enough. After almost two years, it looks like Cyrus is releasing new music again!

Basically, Billy Ray just got very excited about his daughter’s work and let the whole world know over Twitter, which also let the whole world know that his daughter has work coming out in the first place:

Seriously, how much more of a *~dad~* could he be?

Cyrus looks almost unrecognizable with long, ombré locks and ruffled pink blouse. Though she’s had the longer hair for a while now, this is a huge difference from her Bangerz era looks and cropped blonde hair. But the tattoos don’t lie!

This upcoming album follows Cyrus’ 2017 surprise project Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, where she deviated from a more typical pop sound into a more experimental type of music. Last year, she dressed up in a sun costume, as well as a gold two-piece outfit comprised of the words “DO IT”, as part of her concert with the Dead Petz.

The music star has always had a reputation for keeping her fans guessing as to what she’ll do next, and it looks like, whatever this new album may sound like, that’s still carrying through.

[H/T: Teen Vogue]

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