Vanessa Grimaldi’s Engagement Ring Is The Same One Robby Hayes Gave To JoJo Fletcher

Nick Viall has been a constant source of disappointment. His season of The Bachelor was painstakingly boring, he picked the wrong woman (TEAM RAVEN ALL THE WAY!!!!), and he’s just the absolute worst. Sadly he’s not going away anytime soon — he’ll be shaking what his mama gave him on this season’s Dancing With The Stars — but the latest Bachelor development proves that he really is 100% awful.

So, what happened? That giant engagement ring Nick Viall gave to Vanessa Grimaldi in Finland is the exact same one Robby Hayes used to propose to JoJo Fletcher with.

The ring cost an estimated $100,000, but Claudia Oshry (better known on Instagram as @GirlWithNoJob) couldn’t help but point out the shady move. “WE DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH!” she wrote in a side-by-side photo of the two rings. “Neil Lane, wtf is going on?”

Neil’s response?

“I bring six rings and over the years, over the 9 years, some are the same, some have changed settings or are re-designed, and some are totally new,” he told People when asked about the accusation. “The most important thing is for a ring to speak to the particular man and to the woman he is in love with.”

He continued, “If a ring doesn’t speak to one person, then it wasn’t meant to be. If that particular ring wasn’t meant to find a home with JoJo, but rather spoke to Nick and Vanessa, then that’s the way it should be. It’s found its home.”

According to a source close to the reality star, Viall chose the ring because of its traditional feel. “It’s a traditional ring with an old-fashioned feel. It’s got an old-soul–it’s classic and elegant,” the person told E! Online. “He chose it because that’s what he thinks of her.”

Nick! REALLY?! If I were Vanessa, I would be pissed. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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