This Full-Size Model Had The BEST Response To Not Fitting In A Top

This is Joby Bach. She’s a gorgeous full-sizeĀ model from Canada, and she’s pretty damnĀ inspiring.

In an Instagram that has caught 15,000 people’s attention, Joby rejected all of our go-to self-loathing responses to an outfit not fitting. “BIG BOOTY PROBLEMS,” Joby wrote, captioning a side-by-side photo of her wearing a bodysuit that doesn’t quite close around her and a photo of her wearing the same bodysuit, now cut into an adorable crop top.

“I realised the bodysuit is now too small for me…FUCK IT…I CUT THE DAMN BODYSUIT,” might be my favorite Instagram caption of all time.

Instead of lamenting no longer fitting into an article of clothing, falling into societal patterns of fat-shaming, or making a dieting joke, Joby laughed and fixed the bodysuit so it did fit, simple as that.

A lot of people are applauding her response (amidst, as always, a slew of fat-shaming responses.) “You give me so much confidence,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Looks better your way!” another commented.

It certainly does.

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