Trash Waiter Wouldn’t Serve Group Of Women Without “Proof Of Residency”

In other horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad news:

Diana Carrillo was out to lunch with two friends and her sister at an expensive restaurant in Huntington Beach in Southern California when their waiter asked the group of Latina women for “proof of residency” before he would serve them.

Carrillo detailed the entire despicable encounter on Facebook, and the post now has nearly 500 comments and twice as many shares.

A few friends and I went to Saint Marc’s in Huntington Beach today. My sister and my friend were seated first and the waiter asked them for their “proof of residency” when they ordered a drink. My friend in disbelief repeated what he said and his response was “yeah, I need to make sure you’re from here before I serve you.” Not knowing that this happened to them, my friend and I were then seated and he returned to the table and asked us for our “proof of residency.” After fully digesting what he said, we all got up and left to speak to the manager. For a few seconds I thought maybe he was being a smart ass or joking but the fact that he said “I need to make sure you’re from here before I serve you” was completely unacceptable. How many others has he said this too? I hope this employee is reprimanded for his actions. No establishment should tolerate discriminatory actions from their employees. PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!

“I need to make sure you’re from here,” the waiter allegedly told them. They handed over their IDs in numb shock, exchanging bewildered looks,  but a few minutes later they collected themselves, asked to speak to the manager, and promptly left the restaurant.

The restaurant’s management fired the waiter responsible and reached out to Carrillo once they saw the backlash online, offering her an expensive meal and VIP experience at the restaurant and offering to donate 10 percent of the weekend’s proceeds to any nonprofit she chose. While the group of women declined the free food, they asked that Saint Marc’s donate the money to Orange County Immigrant Youth United.

The Washington Post reached out to Saint Marc, and spoke to Kent Bearden, the senior director of operations, about the incident.

“I don’t know if [the waiter] had an agenda or not,” said Bearden. “My concern is he violated a company policy. We’re very specific about how we treat out guests. That individual did not treat a table of guests to the expectations that we set forth in that company policy, and that caused him to be terminated.”

This type of overt discrimination is abhorrent, and one can only hope that the restaurant will be more selective in who they hire in the future.

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