Vanessa Grimaldi Defends Her Relationship With Nick Viall On ‘Ellen’

Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi have now escaped the fantasy world of The Bachelor and reentered the real world… And if the latest rumors are any indication, they may want to head back into another rose ceremony. Many have speculated after the conclusion of what most of us would consider a very dull season that these two are not in love. This has raised questions among fans who have been recently calling the couple “awkward” together and have serious doubts about whether the two will actually make it down the aisle.

Viall sat down with Ellen DeGeneres this past Wednesday promoting himself on the new season of Dancing With the Stars. You bet that Ellen addressed the allegations that the couple wasn’t looking too steamy. Grimaldi, who was watching from the audience, jumped in to defend their romance.

“We both went in it wanting to be honest,” she said about the After the Final Rose special.

They seem to be committed claiming, “We’re very committed to each other. We love each other and that’s what we’re focusing on,” she said.

To be completely fair, the two did meet on a reality television show and are being pressured by the public to instantly jump into wedding plans after only knowing each other for only a few months.

After commenting on their relationship, Viall also expressed he is staying on his toes as a competitor on the ABC dance competition. He claims that the competition is not a walk in the park.

“The first time you learn all these moves, everything is just very complicated,” he told DeGeneres. “Most of the positions Peta asks me to do are very painful physically.”

As for performing, it’s not so easy making it all look easy.

“Most of the time, I’m always in my head trying to think of what to do next,” he explained. “It’s hard to try to actually dance and smile and not slip.”

We wish best of luck to Viall in the competition as well as in his relationship with his fiancé.

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